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“Finally my financial plans are validated against over 100 years of economic history instead of making arbitrary assumptions”

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Captivate your clients with powerful visualisations of their financial future, calculated using reliable data, expertise, and advanced technology

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Timeline's decades of real data, validated research and methodology allow us to create informed models of potential scenarios, meaning you can show your clients projections they can trust

Cut annual review prep times

No need to gather reports from multiple sources. Cut the time it takes to prepare for an Annual Review by up to 60% by easily pulling all the information you need from Timeline

Ensure full compliance

Timeline's methodology and technology mean you can demonstrate suitability and sustainability and retain a full audit trail

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“I can highly recommend Timelineapp for anyone who's working with clients in retirement to model their living expenses and see a model of what different portfolios would have experienced. It's a fantastic piece of software to use live in front of clients and to bring retirement income planning to life'
Justin King CFP
Retirement Adviser, MFP Wealth Management
“We've been using Timelineapp for three years now, and it's an integral part of our retirement decumulation and increasingly part of our accumulation process.”
Gianpaolo Mantini
Managing Partner, Higgins Fairbairn
“We incorporate the Timeline output with our planning report so we can go into detail about the income and expenditure assumptions we've used to build the model. Timeline also runs scenarios based on historical returns, so we're not inputting the returns, just the asset allocations.“
Imelda de Bruin
Technical Manager, Manse Capital
“We have been using Timeline's platform for a while now as we believe that it is the best retirement solution in the market. Timeline's constant new feature development and release strategy has really impressed us, and we have decided to strategically partner to adopt Timeline enterprise”
Matt Pitcher
Managing Partner, Altor Wealth