The sustainable withdrawal rate app

With Timeline app, advisers can...

  • Help clients visualise probable outcomes in retirement
  • Evaluate withdrawal strategies from income drawdown portfolios
  • Stress test various asset allocations, fees and time periods
  • Bring rigour to the advice process
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Sustainable Withdrawal Rate?
There’s an app for that!

Timeline is a web app. It works on any browser, on any device! No download required.

Timeline app isn’t a crystal ball. It uses extensive academic research, historical returns and mortality data to assess how a retirement strategy might fare under various market conditions.

Luck is not a retirement income strategy!

Well, it’s a strategy alright, just not a very good one.

Researchers have identified dynamic withdrawal strategies to help make retirement portfolios last a lifetime.

Timeline app enables financial planners to model and see how these sustainable withdrawal strategies align with a client’s needs;

  • Constant Inflation Adjustment (by William Bengen)
  • Guyton Inflation Adjustment (by Jonathan Guyton)
  • Guardrails (by Jonathan Guyton & William Klinger)
  • Ratcheting Rule (by Michael Kitces)
  • Cap and Collar Inflation Adjustment

Wo/Man vs Portfolio, aka Longevity Analysis!

It takes two to tango but who’s going to last longer? The client or their portfolio?

Using cohort longevity projections, the Timeline app shows the chances of a client living till any age up to 120! And the odds of their portfolio lasting as long as they do!

Our clients love Timeline

Here's what a few of them say

"This is the tool to really get over the uncertainty around drawdown income. Easy for the client to understand the issues with the advisers leading the conversation. Highly recommended."
Justin King, APFS, CFP
MFP Wealth Management
"This is something that we’ve been hoping to find for ages – a withdrawal calculator based on UK investment returns. It’s been really helpful for us and clients to establish context around a decumulation plan. Cash flow modelling alone does not adequately account for sequence of return risk"
Ben Westaway, APFS, CFP
Jessop Financial Planning
"I used the app today in preparation for a client meeting. Very good, easy to use and reasonably simple to explain to a client what they are seeing"
Dom Spalding, FPFS, CFP
Expert Wealth Management