Abraham Okusanya’s Retirementals Podcast

Have you listened to Abraham’s Retirementals podcast yet? Each episode is hosted by our CEO, Abraham Okusanya, as he interviews and debates the topics of the day with a range of insightful and influential guests.

As always, Abraham offers his signature raw honesty, critical analysis, and insight into retirement, investing & fintech. So, as we look ahead to our ninth episode - with the legendary David Ferguson - going live this week, here’s a look back on the smashing mixture of episodes we’ve released so far…

Episode 1: Paul Lewis

We started out in style with Paul Lewis, the award-winning financial journalist and broadcaster, best known as the presenter of BBC Radio 4’s Money Box. Paul speaks about his role, his proudest accomplishments in the profession, and he and Abraham have a friendly tussle over Paul’s 2016 research into cash versus tracker funds.

Episode 2: Sarah Lord

In the second episode, Abraham speaks to Sarah Lord, the then CCO at Succession Wealth. She chats through her role and how Succession differentiates itself from copycat competitors. Sarah also shares her views on how technology is impacting advisers and the cost of advice, as well as the importance of bringing on more female leaders and executives in the industry.

Episode 3: Alan Smith

Abraham and Alan Smith discuss the latest developments for Capital Asset Management and Alan’s role as Chief Executive Officer. Alan details how Capital Asset Management is differentiating itself and shares what his dream technology stack would look like.

Episode 4: Tim Horrocks

Tim Horrocks is the founder and managing partner at RockWealth. Tim delves into the details of how he got into financial planning, working with the Turnkey MPS, Betafolio, and how it helps with portfolio management. He goes on to share his vision for the future of RockWealth.

Episode 5: Sarah Newcomb

Sarah Newcomb is a behavioural economist and author. In this fascinating episode, Sarah shares the findings from her book Loaded: Money, Psychology, and How to Get Ahead Without Leaving Your Values Behind. She and Abraham discuss the specifics of investor behaviour and psychology, and how this effects the outcome in retirement.

Episode 6: Bill Bengen

A delightful and insightful chat with the legendary William ‘Bill’ Bengen. Bill is now a retired financial adviser, but he was responsible for first articulating the 4% withdrawal rate, an accepted rule of thumb for withdrawing funds from retirement savings. Bill goes into details about how he got into financial planning and his former role as the owner of Bengen Financial Services, as well as his extensive research.

Episode 7: Rory Percival

Rory Percival, the well-regarded regulatory expert and speaker is a most engaging guest. In this episode he takes us back to when he joined the financial services industry. He and Abraham then talk about Rory introducing ‘Capacity for Loss’ into the financial adviser lexicon and why this is has become a mandatory requirement for advisers.

Episode 8: Kevin Doran

In our latest episode, Abraham speaks to Kevin Doran, Managing Director at A J Bell. Kevin share his approach to investing, and speaks passionately about why VAT shouldn’t be charged to clients.

The range of guests has meant Retirementals has seen early success and we’d like to extend our thanks to everyone who has been part of the journey so far. Looking ahead, we have many more interesting guests lined up with each episode offering something different and worthy of consideration, so make sure to subscribe to ensure you don’t miss a thing.

To find out more about the Retirementals podcast or to listen to an episode, please visit the website.

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