All the benefits of Timeline for clients at any stage of their savings journey

We’ve listened to adviser feedback asking us to merge the accumulation and decumulation phases into a single plan - and this is now available for all NEW plans created on Timeline.

Plus, to help our users to get maximum value from Timeline asap, we have rolled out a set-up wizard to guide users through the creation and optimisation of any new plan.

In this rollout, we’ve also created the facility for all new plans to include a full State Pension at the correct age based on the client’s birth date.

Why are we making these improvements?

We’re in constant communication with the people using Timeline and we understand that most clients are still in the accumulation phase (average age of 55), though these clients are close enough to retirement to want to know how that’s going to look.

This new merged plan will enable advisers to show clients what’s coming up and how that looks for retirement. Indeed, it helps to answer the question and model scenarios to help the client decide when they should retire.

What’s changing?

  • The Wizard launches when you click to add a client or any new plan
  • The Wizard isn’t available for plans created prior to this rollout in December 2020
  • The Snapshot screen uses the dashboard previously used for decumulation clients. So, users will see legacy, longevity, and planned spending rather than retirement balance, retirement goal age and total contributions.
  • Plus, we’ve renamed the ‘Income’ tab and ‘Required Income’ field, to be ‘Planned Spending’ and the ‘Spending’ tab - as it refers to what the client is planning to spend. We have income covered elsewhere e.g. rental income, state pension, annuity etc.

What does this mean for our users?

It’s easier for our users to set up a plan - with the information required to fully benefit from Timeline’s…

  • stress testing
  • spending strategies
  • Livetrack monitoring and alerts
  • meaningful reporting

…and for Timeline to really add value to the advice process and help users to demonstrate the real value of their advice to clients.

Thomas is Product Manager at Timeline.


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