Cashflow planning is live on Timeline

We have rolled out a series of developments in recent weeks to bolster our financial planning software and help advisers drive down the amount they spend on technology each and every year.

The most recent additions to the planning and modelling software include the quick to set up ‘Back-of-the-envelope plans’ which are a great place to look at What-If scenarios and have early conversations with a new client.

And, most significantly, a new cashflow element that empowers advisers to see how sustainable a client’s spending is. It benefits from several slick features that mean advisers can show clients how they can pay for specific goals and the effect of taxes and inflation/deflation, for example.

Timeline users can see exactly how this works here:

Not only are these built on Timeline’s signature technology underpinned by 100+ years of market data, but the presentation style is simple and engaging, so clients can be taken on their own, bespoke ‘financial journey’.

For example, the adviser can start with a blank chart and add income and spending types one by one to build the full picture. Then the client and adviser can see clearly whether the plan has the right inputs and agree the account withdrawal order.

Ed Carey, our Commercial Director, explains:

‘We are listening to advisers, who are telling us loud and clear that they want tech that’s fully integrated and supports ALL the core services they provide. We’re taking huge strides ahead with the additional of cashflow, back-of-the-envelope plans and ‘what if’ scenario modelling to Timeline.

We will drive down the cost of tech for advisers whilst developing robust, integrated software that creates a top-quality experience for clients, whilst making the advisers job quicker, more robust and more compliant. I’m very proud to work with such a dedicated, focused and talented team.’

Marketing Manager


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