Income sources update

Listening to our users is high on our list of priorities. Providing an ever-evolving tool that gives our users what they want and need is at the heart of everything we do. In our latest update, we’ve taken a look at Income Sources and the Balance Chart, making a few tweaks that we’ll think you’ll love.

Income sources update

We’ve added salary and self-employed income as income sources. This means National Insurance is now part of our tax engine and advisers can more accurately model their client’s future and build full plans in Timeline.

Balance chart updates

We’ve amended the balance chart so, for all new plans (not existing plans), it does not display the best and worst cases by default. Where required, they can be displayed quickly and easily by clicking on them on the key.

We’ve made this change having received several bits of feedback that the red of the worst-case scenario is the part that is most focused on by clients, which can skew the client’s perception of their future unnecessarily.

In addition, the balance chart now shows both clients’ ages below. This means that the older client doesn’t have to translate the chart into their own age in order to read it. The younger client is always at the top.

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