Justin King on eternal optimism and why advice is an antidote to N.E.W.S*

Welcome to the first of our three-part video series on retirement income planning conversations. The focus of this series is to demonstrate the real-life discussion that happens between a financial planner and their client to ensure their portfolio lasts a lifetime.

In this thought-provoking video filmed at the Science of Retirement Conference 2018, Justin King APFS, CFP starts with a cheap gag (you had to be there), but moves quickly to explore the range of emotionally-driven client behaviours that advisers manage daily.

On a functional level, Justin’s work is about creating sustainable income withdrawal strategies for his retired clients. But this one-dimensional view misses the point.

Justin argues that his advisory role is more about creating strategies to replace client fear that they’ll run out of money, with optimism for the future.

He talks about the challenges around convincing clients to hold their nerve and have faith in capitalism, against a back-drop of market volatility and constant N.E.W.S* headlines.

By the way, if you’re wondering about the cheap gag, come to SORC‘19 and you’ll never miss another one again.

*(Negative Events World Service)

Abraham is the Founder and CEO of Timelineapp. He has authored the Beyond the 4% rule book, written several industry papers and delivered many talks. He holds a master’s degree from Coventry University and an alphabet soup of designations, including the Investment Management Certificate, Chartered Financial Planner and Chartered Wealth Manager.


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