Longevity chart updates on Timeline

We’ve made some tweaks to the way our Longevity Charts look and added some supplementary information to provide extra clarity.

Essentially, the chart is the same showing the plan’s success rate versus the client’s mortality rate. We have updated the colours and the labels for 50% survival rate and 10% survival rate are now more clearly shown on the chart. Plus, beneath the chart there is now a table that summarises the details in the chart, for those who prefer a tabular view.

Explaining our Longevity chart

The longevity chart illustrates the plan success rate against client’s chance of survival, to demonstrate the likelihood of their money lasting their lifetime.

Timeline illustrates longevity by showing the following two important metrics:

  • Survival probability: This is the chance that an individual (or at least one member of a couple) will survive until any given age.
  • Longevity-adjusted success rate: this metric calculates the probability that a client’s portfolio outlives them. It considers the client’s survival probability, rather than a fixed planning horizon.

Find out more here: http://help.timelineapp.co/en/articles/2816139-how-timeline-illustrates-longevity-risk

Thomas is Product Manager at Timeline.


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