Make strong strategic decisions with Timeline’s Management Information

When it comes to running an advisory firm, there are few things more valuable than access to accurate and timely data and insight across your whole estate. Particularly when you need to make critical strategic decisions.

We’re talking about the ability to pinpoint trends, monitor customer outcomes against expectations, and get a quick, clear view of the sustainability of your whole client portfolio.

However, data and insight are one thing, but being able to access them without first spending hours trawling through various client and adviser accounts, is another. Timeline’s unique feature, Oversights, offers you invaluable Management Information (MI). In fact, if you’re one of our enterprise clients already, your MI is ready and waiting for you right now.

What can Timeline’s MI do for you?

A helicopter overview of all adviser and client activity, providing true insight into goal setting, considerations and how various spending strategies compare, so you can better match solutions with expectations.

Improve consumer confidence in your product and brand - Large-scale analysis of trends, withdrawal rates and portfolio returns provides robust stress testing capabilities, and ultimately improves the quality of the advice you offer clients. Meanwhile, performance monitoring analysis will flag up areas that need improvement, and potential weaknesses in your current approach.

See where your clients are holding their other assets, and what returns they are expecting - And then build these insights into a strategy that ensures your clients will be better off consolidating their assets under your care.

Create stronger FCA compliance - Being able to show you are treating all your customers fairly is a big part of compliance. With Timeline’s MI, you can quickly establish this is the case, and demonstrate it with ease.

Strengthen withdrawal strategies across your estate - Timeline’s robust MI gives your clear sight of any emerging sustainability issues, and the critical ability to take early corrective action.

We’ve designed our Management Information reporting to give firms the capability to make informed, quality decisions across every aspect of strategic planning. Think of it like a ripple effect, with every insight-informed decision strengthening your offering across the board, from improved retirement journeys for your clients, to a stronger reputation for your brand.

Knowledge is power. Make better decisions faster, with Timeline’s instant, clear and robust MI. Visit our enterprise page to get started.

Kate is Business Development Manager at Timeline.


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