Succession Wealth partners with Timeline

Succession Wealth, one of the UK’s largest independent wealth management and financial planning groups. Has chosen Timeline to power their new proposition to helps clients better plan their retirement journey

Timeline’s digital solution helps develop a bespoke, sustainable and smooth withdrawal strategy for Succession Wealth’s clients. The partnership will make it easier for Succession’s planners to bring a client’s retirement journey to life and provide a highly personalised retirement plan that helps ease fears of running out of money in retirement.

Running out of money in later life is one of the biggest financial concerns for those approaching retirement age, or those who have retired already. With many people living longer in retirement it’s a valid concern. The partnership means Succession Wealth’s clients can now benefit from being able to better understand and visualise how their financial needs are likely to change over the course of retirement.

The proposition turns extensive asset class and longevity data into a visually dynamic, easy-to-understand withdrawal strategy for clients. By tracking real-time portfolio balance, withdrawals and asset allocation, it provides ongoing monitoring and actionable alerts to provide a consistently clear and practical customer experience throughout retirement.

Our very own Abraham Okusanya explains:

“We share a common goal with Succession Wealth – to help clients identify, achieve and maintain their desired lifestyle without the fear of running out of money. It’s wonderful to partner our tech with the expertise of their financial planners to create better financial outcomes for their clients.

“We know decumulation is one of the biggest challenges for adviser firms. It’s encouraging to see Succession tackling this head on, leveraging the power of Timeline to create a viable, well researched, personalised plan for each client – quickly, credibly and in a way that meets and exceeds the regulator’s requirements.

“Succession’s forward-thinking strategy is laudable and sets them up well to lead the way with retirement planning in 2021 and beyond.”

Lawrence King, Managing Partner at Succession Wealth, added:

“Succession Wealth is widely renowned for providing an exceptional client experience. The partnership with Timeline is another example of us finding ways to strengthen our proposition and ensure we continue to provide maximum value for our clients.

Ed is Chief Commercial Officer at Timeline.


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