Timeline Integrates with Morningstar ByAllAccounts for Investment Data Aggregation

Timeline has officially announced its integration with Morningstar® ByAllAccounts®. The integration gives advisors a unified view of portfolios within Timeline by aggregating securities and alternative investments from multiple custodians through ByAllAccounts

Users of Timeline will now be able to connect their account with ByAllAccounts in a three-step account setup process. The integration will allow users to import data directly from any investment institution in the US, which eliminates the need for advisors to manually enter data and reduces human error. Once all data has been imported into Timeline, advisors can verify the withdrawal success rate of a client’s portfolio over time and provide a viable withdrawal strategy, helping to create highly personalized and sustainable retirement plans for clients. Timeline helps financial planners bring a client’s retirement journey to life and answer their big retirement income questions, which will be easier than ever thanks to this integration with ByAllAccounts.

ByAllAccounts is a leading data aggregation service for financial applications. The AI technology collects, consolidates and enhances financial data that can then be delivered into any platform, giving clients a unified view of their investment holdings. Independent financial advisors, wealth managers, family offices, and asset managers use ByAllAccounts to structure and deliver financial data, improving client relationships and advisor productivity by eliminating manual entry of hard-to-get data, like 401(k)s and alternatives.

“Morningstar’s mission is to empower investors whether through our own products or through fintech solutions like Timeline,” said David Johnson, Head of ByAllAccounts. “Goal planning is one way that advisors can help their clients be successful. The Morningstar ByAllAccounts team is very pleased to be the data aggregator for the Timeline solution.”

“We’re thrilled to integrate with Morningstar ByAllAccounts, which is one of the most trusted aggregation technology platforms available in the US,” said Abraham Okusanya, CEO at Timelineapp Tech Limited. “It’s an exciting time for Timeline as we continue to innovate and develop our next-generation retirement income software for financial advisors.”

Read the original news release here: https://t3technologyhub.com/timeline-retirement-income-software-integrates-with-morningstar-byallaccounts-for-investment-data-aggregation/

Abraham is the Founder and CEO of Timelineapp. He has authored the Beyond the 4% rule book, written several industry papers and delivered many talks. He holds a master’s degree from Coventry University and an alphabet soup of designations, including the Investment Management Certificate, Chartered Financial Planner and Chartered Wealth Manager.


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