Timeline introduces new feature for 'Withdrawal Policy Statement'

We are very pleased to let you know that we’ve added a PDF report feature to Timeline, the sustainable withdrawal rate app.

With this feature, financial planners can now produce a personalised Withdrawal Policy Statement for their clients at the click of a button! How cool is that?

The idea of a withdrawal policy statement was first published in the Journal of Financial Planning by financial planner Jon Guyton several years ago.

A Withdrawal Policy Statement (WPS) enables a financial planner and their client to have a pre-agreed framework in place to deal with crucial decisions such as when and how to alter withdrawal amount in line with inflation and portfolio performance. While it’s impossible for a planner to anticipate every possible market condition in advance, having a WPS provides a touchstone for both clients and advisers in the midst of a rapidly changing world.

Just like many planners have adopted an Investment Policy Statement (IPS) as a set of guiding principles for decision making around asset allocation, re-balancing and discipline in the face of market turbulence, a WPS sets guiding policies around withdrawals in a retirement portfolio.

With this new feature of Timeline, planners can now produce a Withdrawal Policy Statement that includes a summary of the selected withdrawal strategy, illustrated charts and texts.

We’re keen to know what you think of the new feature. So please sign up for a free trial of Timeline and tell us what you think!


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