Timeline is here to clear up your tech stack.

Your clients don’t care about Timeline, and we’re fine with that. Actually, they don’t really care about any of the tech you use to plan, organise and deliver your service. What they care about is peace of mind - knowing their financial future is secure and can withstand any future bumps in the road.

Advisers are at the heart of everything

We’ve spoken to many advisers over the past year, and it’s clear that many fintech providers, fund managers, and other financial middle-people seem to have forgotten the value of what you do. They’ve forgotten that this industry revolves around your core skills. Instead, they think it revolves around them.

Why is tech so expensive?

How much are you spending on your Factfind? Investment research? Risk profiling? For many advisers, it comes to around the price of a second-hand sports car in software subscriptions each year.

Take stock:

  • Are you getting your money’s worth? Or to put it another way, is your tech stack serving your business, and your clients, effectively?
  • How well do the several pieces of software that you use integrate together?
  • How often do you find yourself rekeying the same information into different bits of software because they are in different formats?
  • How long does it take you to draw together the information you need for your annual review?
  • How easy is it for you to demonstrate sustainability?
  • Do you have the ability, via a few mouse clicks, to present your plans to clients in a simple, easy to understand format?

If any of these tasks take up more than a few minutes of your valuable time, then you’re not getting value for your money. You aren’t getting the user experience you deserve. You’ve paid for a sports car, and you’re driving a tractor.

And what about portfolio management?

In this day and age, this is a commodity. Something tech can do effectively at an ultra-low cost. Yet we know from our conversations and research that fund managers are still taking a substantial bite out of your income, which of course means your clients are shouldering extra costs.

It’s time for a Timeline & Betafolio combo

Betafolio’s flat fee (or 9bps if percentage pricing in preferred), evidence-based, turnkey model portfolio service empowers financial advisers to deliver a first-class customer experience and excellent client outcomes.

With more time to focus on personalising your advice, and Timeline’s leading planning tech included in the package*, you can easily demonstrate your value to clients, whilst we generate reliable returns.

Timeline is fast becoming a one-stop-shop where advisers can:

  • benefit from seamless integration with other tech, including Betafolio, so you’re no longer jumping between systems to gather data
  • quickly create reports that can be populated with information from across the board, without manual rekeying
  • demonstrate suitability and sustainability with ease
  • gather all the information you need to show your clients with clear and engaging visuals.

Benefit from Timeline and Betafolio’s game changing tech and trustworthy investment expertise to give your clients the comfort and confidence they need to stay with you for the long haul.

The first step is simple, book a call with one of our friendly team.

*minimum subscriptions apply

Ed is Chief Commercial Officer at Timeline.


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