Timeline launches market leading Risk Profiler

Our risk profiler is leading the way in the market because it looks at attitude to risk in the context of both experience and knowledge of investing. Then it takes into account the client’s capacity for loss, making sure they can’t make any decisions which could leave them unable to cope with a bear market. Plus, all questions in the questionnaire are balanced so as not to lead the client in any way.

Our capacity for loss calculation leads the way, looking at the worst-case historical scenario and connecting that to thorough research on retirees’ spending needs in order to see what an essential level of spending would be.

We also realise that if a client has a minimal knowledge or experience of investing, their attitude to risk is more likely to change, so we flag these clients as needing more frequently updated risk scores to ensure their investment strategy remains the best fit for them.

And that’s not all. Firstly we’ve added this at no extra cost for our users. Secondly, In the coming weeks we’ll also be connecting portfolios to risk scores, so advisers can ensure that they have the right portfolio for the client and enabling risk profile data to be sent to IO, XPlan and many other back office systems.

Thomas is Product Manager at Timeline.


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