Timelineapp releases Sustainable Retirement Income Guide for clients

As a financial planner, your clients will look to you for guidance and advice through the nebulous process of managing sustainable retirement income. Our guide will help you support them and give them the knowledge to feel confident in the decisions they make when it comes to making their money last.

Our guide has been designed to help you communicate the risks specific to drawing income from your clients’ portfolio and helping them to understand how they can make their money last a lifetime. We have included case studies to put things into perspective for your clients, it’s relatable to your clients, and they’ll be able to apply it to their unique financial situations.

Best of all, our guide is white-labelled for advisers, allowing you to brand it with your company logo before sharing a copy with your clients and prospects. It’s a great way to engage new prospects and to remind existing clients the key aspects of retirement income planning.

You can now download a copy of our free guide to sustainable retirement income for advised clients here

Abraham is the Founder and CEO of Timelineapp. He has authored the Beyond the 4% rule book, written several industry papers and delivered many talks. He holds a master’s degree from Coventry University and an alphabet soup of designations, including the Investment Management Certificate, Chartered Financial Planner and Chartered Wealth Manager.


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