WEBINAR: Rebuilding the adviser tech stack

We are holding an exclusive Live Launch webinar for clients on 2nd June to unveil our plans and give you a first look at what we’ve been working on.

If you’re not yet a client, read on for details on how you can get involved.

The job to be done

Our research has shown us very clearly that the problems with adviser tech are numerous and costly. In summary, here are the main issues:

  • Advisers hate having to buy three to five different pieces of tech to enable them to deliver advice to their clients.
  • These different technologies rarely talk effectively to each other, so advisers have to spend a considerable amount of time re-keying the data and logging in and out of different systems.
  • All too often, these tools have conflicting outputs, making it harder for advisers to present a simple, logical and coherent recommendation to their clients.

Enter Timeline…

We made a decision last year that Timeline will fix this problem by rebuilding the adviser tech stack. And so began our evolution to become a full stack financial planning and portfolio management technology for advisers. By combining the tech and financial planning expertise and Timeline and the popular investment approach, tech and low price of Betafolio, we have a really compelling offering.

The webinar will cover:

How Timeline is rebuilding the adviser tech stack to give advisers a far more efficient advice process and significantly reduce the amount they spend on tech.

  • How Timeline is leading the way in reducing costs and simplifying tech for advisers as well as reducing the cost of investing for the client.
  • Evidence Based Investing and why it is the most effective way to capture returns and create excellent client outcomes.
  • The exciting combination of planning and investment tools under one roof

It’s an hour-long session and will be delivered via Zoom - it’s an event you won’t want to miss!

If you are a Timeline or Betafolio client, get in touch and we’ll save you a place at our exclusive client event on 2nd June.

And if you are not yet a client you can book your place on the same webinar delivered a week later, on 9th June, and we’ll show you why you should be.

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