What’s new: Help Centre, updates and much more…

At Timeline we like to stay up to date with current trends and technology.

Recently we have been updating our app with new tools and revamping the Help Centre on our website to ensure our clients can find the support they need quickly and easily.

Stay up to date with improvements to Timeline

We regularly tweak, improve and update Timeline, adding and improving our tools to ensure we stay ahead of the game. We have recently launched our Digital Factfind and our market leading Risk Profiler which enables advisers to pull together their clients’ financial objectives and attitude to risk to support the financial planning process all in one place.

Help Centre Support

While our proactive and regular releases of new tech have enabled our clients to have access to a broader range of tools and resources, it can also create questions. This is where the Help Centre comes in.

We’ve researched the queries raised over the last 12 months and used this to ensure we have a complete, up-to-date Help Centre where advisers can easily find answers and solutions to all of their questions.

Access the new Help Centre by logging into your account – You’ll find Help Centre at on the top right-hand side of your screen.

For more information on our recent product launches and to keep up to date with our latest news, sign up to our mailing list here, you’ll find it just on your right.

Toyosi is the Pension & Technical Consultant at Timelineapp. His experience is in Financial Services and consulting (“Big-4”). Toyosi has the IMC qualification and is a member of the CFA Society of the UK and the Chartered Insurance Institute. Toyosi is one of our content contributors and is often writing articles on retirement and the sustainable withdrawal framework.


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