What's new: Timeline's Cashflow charts

We have recently released Cashflow charts to show the overview of income and expenditure. This is now available to all UK users on the back-of-the-envelope plans with integration into the full plans coming soon.

Our new Cashflow section includes three historical market scenarios you can switch between: Optimistic (70th Percentile), Median (50th Percentile), and Pessimistic (30th Percentile). The supplementary Balance Chart shows income against expenditure. Why is this development something to shout about?

  1. It enables you to show that the client’s plan is sustainable

  2. The breakdown between income and portfolio withdrawals shows how clients planned spending will be covered (sustainably)

  3. It allows advisers to double check that they have entered all the data correctly - that the withdrawals are starting when they should and so forth.

We are always improving and adding to our tools, so keep an eye out for what’s coming up next.

Marketing Manager


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