Retirement, Reimagined.

Unleash Timelineapp's enterprise capabilities to help clients face retirement without the fear of running out of money!

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Insight-driven decumulation is mission critical to the success of your advice business and your clients.

Delivering the right approaches to meet your clients’ complex, multi-faceted retirement income needs is key to meeting regulatory demands, building a scalable business and delivering great client outcomes.

Timelineapp has developed a set of tools based on robust, empirical evidence, to help your firm plan, track and monitor your client’s retirement journey. Core to this is the ongoing assessment of your clients’ income sustainability.

  • Our real-time data helps you identify if your client’s retirement journey is on or off-track.
  • We provide key insights to help senior managers stay on top of client outcomes across your business.

We’ve also developed flexible integration options for Enterprise adviser firms. This enables the large-scale adoption of Timelineapp through our APIs and white-label integration layers.

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Decumulation represents a major opportunity for providers. It’s also one of the key areas of risk, with increasing regulatory focus.

Whether you’re an advised platform, a D2C platform or a workplace pension scheme provider, robust governance and ongoing support are critical to delivering the best outcomes for customers in decumulation.

Our Timelineapp solutions help you deliver compliant and responsible decumulation propositions to support your adviser and customer strategies.

Our scientific approach means all your channels benefit from the following:

  • Increased customer engagement through a range of tools that help customers visualise key retirement risks, assess the sustainability of income and make informed decisions
  • Ongoing support and alerts throughout the customer’s retirement journey
  • 0Robust governance and oversight - Timelineapp transforms data into actionable insight to help you assess the impact of your customers’ decumulation decisions

Timelineapp can easily complement your existing investment in digital strategies, through ‘catch-all’ integration options. The result is cost-effective, best-in-class tooling. This enables the large-scale deployment of intelligent decumulation through our APIs and white-label integration methods.

API Integration
Your Custom Interface
Tailored Training Sessions
Unlimited Email Support

Engine API: Unleash the power of cutting-edge Retirement Income Tracker & Analyser (RITA)

RITA is at the heart of Timelineapp. She’s our star, the fount of all knowledge and she does the hard stuff. RITA is our cutting-edge calculation engine.

We wanted to keep RITA to ourselves, but felt our Enterprise customers could benefit from her work. So we’re excited that she’s accepted the challenge to power Enterprise platforms at their very core.

At Timelineapp, we're proud of our ability to represent the complexity of decumulation in simple terms. Timelineapp visualises decumulation accurately and succinctly. We also know the time and cost associated with Enterprise being able to replicate this through design scrums, focus groups, proof of concepts etc. We wanted to ensure our Enterprise partner could make use of our UI in their own UX.

Our dashboard shares our micro-service architectural design and you can simply embed all of these features in your own digital platforms.

If you love what we’ve built at Timelineapp, but value your brand experience, we can deliver all of Timelineapp’s capabilities to you seamlessly, in your brand.

This means that Timelineapp simply ingests your customer data then attributes and calculates their decumulation strategies across all your front-office tooling.

Insights dashboard is aimed at large-scale advice practices or networks where business intelligence reporting and data analytics is critical to both operational and compliance functions.

At Timeline we help advisers deliver more predictable retirement outcomes but we take this a step further for the Enterprise. We enable our larger clients to step above the day-to-day client responsibilities and take a “birds-eye” view across their estate.

Insight Dashboard provides detailed analytics across your entire estate, delivering insights across a number of facets:

  • Clients “Success Rates”, across all advisers and by adviser;
  • Percentage of clients on track/off-track to achieve their retirement goals;
  • Collective Client insights – age, spending strategies, balances, withdrawal rates;
  • Investment strategy including asset allocation, risk profile, and rebalancing methods implemented for clients.

Insights dashboard also support proactive compliance monitoring, enabloing your business to identify trends and potential compliance challenges before they occur, specifically:

  • Seeing consistency of retirement plans across advisers including percentage of plans outside pre-defined models;
  • Ensuring that all retirement plans have a high success rate;
  • Direct sight of retirement plans that may require closer attention.

Timeline Livetrack helps clients visualise how their retirement plan evolves over time. It tracks the portfolio balance, withdrawal and asset allocation on a weekly basis, to provide ongoing monitoring and actionable alerts. These ensure that your client’s retirement plan remains on track!

Livetrack automatically monitors portfolio withdrawals, assesses the sustainability of your client’s income and provides actionable insight to advisers and senior managers within the business.

Customisable reports mean you can visualise your clients’ retirement journeys in line with your omni-channel strategy.