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Pull together clients' financial objectives and capture details of their financial situation face-to-face or sent to them to complete in advance of your meeting.

Our Factfind captures:

  • Goals and Objectives
  • Savings
  • Income
  • Pension
  • Expenditure
  • Assets
  • Investments
  • Debts

All steps are optional, so clients can skip past anything they are not sure of and discuss with their adviser when they next meet.

The questionnaire has been designed to be as fast and simple as possible for the client, reflecting positively on the adviser and giving a great first impression. Plus, the data can be exported as a CSV file for use elsewhere, if required.

Risk Profiler

Risk Profiler looks at the attitude to risk in the context of both experience and knowledge of investing, taking into account the client's capacity for loss, and ensuring they can't make any decisions that could leave them unable to cope with a bear market.

We realise that if a client has minimal knowledge or experience of investing, their attitude to risk is likely to change, so, we flag these clients as needing more frequently updated risk scores, ensuring their investment strategy remains the best fit for them.

  • Advanced capacity for loss calculations
  • Full lifetime cashflow
  • Accumulation and decumulation modelling
  • Goal planning


Help clients better plan their retirement journey by choosing Timeline to power your advice proposition.

Our dynamic planning software turns extensive asset class and longevity data into a visually dynamic, easy-to-understand withdrawal strategy that gives clients a consistently clear and practical customer experience.

  • Demonstrate the impact of asset allocation, rebalancing, glidepaths, fees, and taxes
  • Use interactive fire-drills to prepare clients for market declines
  • Illustrate longevity risk and show clients the probability of outliving their portfolio


Livetrack monitors real-time portfolio balances, as well as withdrawals, and asset allocation. It provides ongoing monitoring and actionable alerts to the professional financial planner, who in turn can quickly access the data to print out performance summaries and more for client meetings.

This groundbreaking tracking software truly changes the game, giving advisers the ability to monitor the retirement journey in real-time, and keeping the record of all regular stress testing.

  • Ongoing assessment of sustainable withdrawal, suitability and success rate
  • Automated portfolio tracking against the client's stated goals
  • Actionable alerts to planners and senior managers within the business as desired


When it comes to meeting compliance and operational targets, you need access to top-level business intelligence. Our insight dashboard enables you to rise above day-to-day client responsibilities and survey detailed intelligence on your entire estate.

Our market-leading oversight includes:

  • Percentage breakdowns of clients on or off track to achieve their retirement goals
  • Collective client insights segmented by age, spending strategies, balances and withdrawal rates, among other options
  • Investment strategy including asset allocation, risk profile, and rebalancing methods implemented for clients.

And with proactive compliance monitoring via the dashboard, you can spot trends and potential compliance issues as well as develop market-leading proposition developments.


Betafolio by Timeline is an ultra-low-cost, evidence-based, discretionary model portfolio service (MPS). It uses technology to cut costs, inefficiencies and anxiety for advisers while improving long-term investment returns for clients.

With Betafolio, financial planning firms can access a range of services that enable them to focus on delivering core financial planning to clients, while delegating time-consuming tasks such as portfolio construction, rebalancing and due diligence.

Powered by technology
Betafolio Control Centre is our one stop digital portal for everything you need to manage your centralised investment proposition. This includes investment process documents, perfomance data and branded portfolio factsheets.
Driven by empirical evidence
We design portfolios based on empirical data and research by leading economists. Betafolio uses the same 100+ years of real market data as Timeline, to create low-cost, globally diversified portfolios. So, you not only build a plan based on data, but portfolios that are too!
Puts the adviser in control
Investment management is a commodity. Financial planning is where the real value to clients lies. That's why we create portfolios that exist only in service of the financial plan. The plan leads, the portfolio follows
Betafolio Classic
A range of globally diversified portfolios with exposure to key alternative beta factors such as the small and value premia. The portfolios range from 0% to 100% equity allocation, with an average OCF of 0.26%.
Betafolio ESG
Positioned to capture global market returns whilst placing emphasis on environmentally and socially responsible assets. The portfolios range from 0% to 100% equity allocation, with a typical OCF of 0.22%.
Betafolio Bespoke
Ideal for firms operating in-house model portfolios looking to reduce administrative inefficiencies by using Betafolio's discretionary management. This enables firms to retain their asset allocation policy whilst benefitting from Betafolio's technology, governance and oversight.

Currently managed on a discretionary basis through

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“I can highly recommend Timelineapp for anyone who's working with clients in retirement to model their living expenses and see a model of what different portfolios would have experienced. It's a fantastic piece of software to use live in front of clients and to bring retirement income planning to life'
Justin King CFP
Retirement Adviser, MFP Wealth Management
“We've been using Timelineapp for three years now, and it's an integral part of our retirement decumulation and increasingly part of our accumulation process.”
Gianpaolo Mantini
Managing Partner, Higgins Fairbairn
“We incorporate the Timeline output with our planning report so we can go into detail about the income and expenditure assumptions we've used to build the model. Timeline also runs scenarios based on historical returns, so we're not inputting the returns, just the asset allocations.“
Imelda de Bruin
Technical Manager, Manse Capital
“We have been using Timeline's platform for a while now as we believe that it is the best retirement solution in the market. Timeline's constant new feature development and release strategy has really impressed us, and we have decided to strategically partner to adopt Timeline enterprise”
Matt Pitcher
Managing Partner, Altor Wealth

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